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Image Sources
      Great Wall of China from Rennie, Peking and the Pekinese, 1865
       Peking Anting Gate from Allgood, China War 1860, 1901
       Peking Wall Eastern Corner, Allgood, China War 1860, 1901
       Following from Wikimedia Commons:
             Dragoon Guards 2nd Opium War
             67th Foot Storming Taku Fort
             Taiping-Ch'ing naval battle
             Emperor Hsien Feng
             Manchu Bannermen
             Rebel Emperor Hung Hsiu-ch'uan
             Occupation of Soochow
             British Marines in Shanghai Harbor
             Moat of Old Shanghai
             Officials, Old Shanghai
             Clipper Ship Taeping 1863
The Lower Reaches video
Written, edited and narrated by James Lande
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        Grand Eastern City, Flowing Energy, When Good Prevails, Final Adventure, Eastern Stars, Chinese
        Borders, China's Hope, Bustling Marketplace, March of Hope, Peaceful Tribe, Honoring Ancestors,
        Chinese Journey, Exploring the Country, March of the Dragons, Morning Glory, Modern China, Sea
Yang Shen maps adapted from United Kingdom Admiralty Charts, China, 1842, UK Hydrographic Office,
 Sailing Directions based on H. Wells Williams, 1863 The Chinese Commercial Guide
 Clipper Ship Taeping 1863 (Wikimedia Commons)
 Shanghai in 1855 based on Morse, 1918 International Relations of the Chinese Empire
 Astor House Hotel (Richard’s Hotel) from Virtual Shanghai, photo courtesy of Getty
         Research Institute
 Shanghai Custom House from Morse, 1908 The Trade and Administration of China
 Shanghai Native City diagram from Shanghai County Gazetteer, 1873
 Chinese war-steamer Confucius sketch © 2011 James Lande. Based on an untitled original oil painting by an
         unknown Hong Kong artist, oil, 18x13 inches. A gift of Mrs. J. T. Coolidge in 1947 to the Peabody
         Essex Museum, Salem, MA; M1655.
  Langshan Crossing based on S. Wells Williams, The Chinese Commercial Guide, 1863
  Kiangyin in 1860 from Kiangyin City Map, and Oliphant, 1859 Earl of Elgin’s Mission to China
  Nanking in 1860 from
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                  Imperial China
          (4) Jonathan Spence, 1996 God’s Chinese Son
          (5) “A Concise History of the City of Nanjing…,” history.pdf
  Nanking wall photos by James Lande, 2003
  Assault on the Chiang-nan Ta-ying based on C. A. Curwen, 1977 Taiping Rebel: The Deposition of Li
          Hsiu-ch’eng, and Kuo, 1976 The Taiping Kingdom Day by Day, 1976.
Photo Gallery
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 Confucius: author’s sketch based on Peabody Essex Museum original oil painting M1655.
 6-pounder field guns: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.
Manchu bowman: public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Bingham, John Elliot, Narrative of the Expedition to China, Henry Colburn, London, 1843.
Allgood, G., The China War, 1860, Longmans Green and Company, London, 1901.
Nanking Chung Hua Gate: author’s photo of a portion of the wall of Nanking, 2003.
Shanghai native city diagram, Shanghai gazetteer Shang-hai hsien-chih, 1873.
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