Final report for California Intertidal Ecology Survey now posted

Coral Street, Pacific Grove CA

The Final Discussion and Conclusions report for the 2014 California Intertidal Ecology Survey is now posted on the survey website. Review and comment is very welcome.

This past summer of 2014 we conducted a privately-funded survey of the ecology of intertidal invertebrate and marine plant communities between Point Conception and Point Arena in central California. The survey was completed in June 2014 and the results posted on our blogsite at 2014 California Intertidal Ecology Survey. Field data sheets and survey reports are there for all the plants and animals encountered.

The primary objective was to record detail of environmental conditions and catalogue invertebrate species at selected survey sites, including:

White Rock State Marine Conservation Area, Cambria CA
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Pacific Grove CA
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach CA
Bodega State Marine Reserves, Bodega ay CA
Gerstle Cove State Marine Reserve, Salt Point State Park CA
MacKerricher State Marine Conservation Area, Fort Bragg CA

Our early consideration of issues such as zonation, alga growth, or species diversity in the California Intertidal zone has matured over the course of our surveys and led to an improved understanding of the value of long-term observation of the dynamic and highly diversified ecological environment of the intertidal zone as a component of a complex ocean system crucial to the health of our planet.

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