Article on 2003 Mammoth Discovery Posted

Mammoths of ABDSPOur article 2003 Mammoth Discovery has been posted at the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Paleontology program website. Here’s a teaser:

“A 1,100,000 year-old mammoth is the largest of thousands of specimens uncovered by diligently trained paleontology volunteers spearheading a remarkable effort to discover and preserve the fossil record of the Borrego badlands.”

…Peering east over the Anza-Borrego I see dull brown and dusty khaki in shimmering waves over the barren desert and parched badlands, chalk-white sand and thorny cholla cactus. The inhospitable character of this place is evident: hot, dry, prickly.

…In the same place, however, paleontologist George Jefferson sees a broad, grassy savannah latticed by gentle streams and strewn with woodlands of willow and cottonwood, an arid, subtropical world…

…that vision led a group of state park paleontology volunteers to the resting place of a young mammoth interred perhaps 800,000 years ago in the Borrego badlands.

Read the article 2003 Mammoth Discovery online.

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You can read about the fascinating fossils of the Anza Borrego in Fossil Treasures of the Anza Borrego Desert.

Fossil Treasures imageAnza-Borrego’s record of more than 7 million years contains more than 550 types of fossil plants and animals, ranging from microscopic pollen and water fleas to walrus bones and mammoth skeletons, which have been the focus of ongoing research, study, and interpretation since the mid-1850s. The results of the past several decades of study by leading researchers from across the nation can now be read about in Fossil Treasures of the Anza Borrego Desert by George Jefferson and Lowell Lindsay, a work comprehensive in its detail about the fossils of Anza Borrego, a compilation of 23 authors each with his own specialty.

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