Philippine Typhoon Relief 2013

Making a donation was not as simple as hoped for, but we finally went with the American Red Cross “Typhoon Appeal” with the expectation that the donation will find its way to the folks who need it most. The Philippine Red Cross website DONATE page has a PayPal button but the transaction flopped when PayPal kept insisting it could not find our email address – even when we have no PayPal account. Our bank’s BillPay finally admitted they can’t pay bills out of country. At UNICEF we couldn’t find a choice for PI typhoon relief. The other “pay” logos on the Philippine Red Cross website we have no experience with.

Information about activities for typhoon relief being carried out by the Philippine Red Cross is posted on their website.

Salamat sa lahat. Mabuhay mahaba at yumabong! Thanks to all. Live long and prosper!

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