Kindle eBooks for Yankee Mandarin, and Yang Shen Book I 1st Edition, ordered “unpublished”

Old China Books has been ordered by Amazon Kindle to “unpublish” two of three Kindle eBooks, for the reasons cited in the KDP email below. Accordingly, OCB will “unpublish” the eBook for the 1st Edition of Yang Shen, Book I, and the eBook for Yankee Mandarin.

The eBook for the 2nd Edition of Yang Shen, Book I, will continue to be available on Amazon, as will both paperback editions of Yang Shen. As there is only the eBook Edition of Yankee Mandarin and no paperback, this book will no longer be available on Amazon; it can still be requested at no charge directly from Old China Books. Yankee Mandarin was the subject of a post here in June of 2012 Experimenting with eBook formatting.

The order from Amazon Kindle follows.

Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 04:56:11 PM MST
From: Kindle Direct Publishing <>
To: “”
Subject: Your Amazon KDP Inquiry


Thank you for your email. We have confirmed that your books do not meet the KDP content quality guidelines because they do not contain significantly differentiated content:

Yang Shen: The God from the West, Book I, 1st Edition Lande, James (ASIN: B0073K97EU) – version with most sales

Yankee Mandarin Lande, James (ASIN: B0088LI9BA)

Yang Shen: The God from the West, Book I, 2nd Edition Lande, James (ASIN: B00F8FDUWM)

We only allow significantly differentiated versions of the same book in the Kindle Store. Please unpublish all but one of the books above. Alternatively, you may take no action at this point do and we will remove the duplicate version(s), with the exception of the one with the most sales.

Best Regards,
Julia L.
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