Peter Hessler Returns to River Town: Fuling, China

“The river looked better in the old days.”


Readers of Peter Hessler’s River Town, or who take an interest in how China is changing – and what remains the same – will enjoy this retrospective of the Yangtze River town of Fuling and how the town and its people fare today after the extraordinary growth and change that has come with the completion of the Three Gorges Dam and the rise of the river.

“The new mind-sets impress me even more than the material changes.”

As ever, Hessler’s sensitivity and discretion remain the best example for other China expats and travel writers (similar to Larry Durrell) of fine writing about what has always been his very personal experience of life in China.

Read Return to River Town at National Geographic.

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2 Responses to Peter Hessler Returns to River Town: Fuling, China

  1. Administrator says:

    Work on Yang Shen Book II was in the doldrums for a while due to personal setbacks…
    “Day after day, day after day,
    We stuck, no breath no motion;
    As idle as a painted [printed] ship
    Upon a painted [printed] ocean.”
    …however James reports wind in his sails again and that he’s once more beating to wind’ard. Book II may make harbor some time in 2014.

  2. jdgarner says:

    \Liked the post…as always. I actually acquired my interest of China from James Lande. What I am wondering, as I am sure many Lande fans are wondering, is when we get the next book. The Christrian adventures are probably one of the best ever published…and I have read many. Look forward to your next Mr. Lande.

    J.D. Garner

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