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Peter Hessler Returns to River Town: Fuling, China

“The river looked better in the old days.” RETURN TO RIVER TOWN, Peter Hessler Readers of Peter Hessler’s River Town, or who take an interest in how China is changing – and what remains the same – will enjoy this … Continue reading

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Confucius Rescues the Kiangyin Mandarins

Here follows a segment excised from Yang Shen, Book I, when the size was trimmed from 860 pages to 556 pages. As we cannot imagine how to use this passage in the two books to come later, we print it here … Continue reading

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Lantern Light – The Pearl Kitchen Photo Challenge

The Pearl Kitchen weblog has posted some very fine photographs of the subtle illumination given off by Chinese paper lanterns, which come in all sizes and shapes. I remember fondly the lantern festivals in Taipei in the 1960s and 70s, … Continue reading

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