Remember the gunboat San Pablo?

Remember the San Pablo, the 1920s era steam gunboat from the film The Sand Pebbles? Here’s a short video about her.

San Pablo featurette
     Toward the bottom of the featurette webpage it says “Click here to view this video…”.

Confucius (click to see her) was about the same size: “This hulk was a wooden American-model side-paddle river steamer, with a low black hull, one deck, a long house amidships, and spindly masts fore and aft. Her burden might be around 460 tons, but he could not recall directly because, being Chinese now, the North China Herald no longer reported her in shipping lists. She looked to be 150 or 160 feet long, maybe forty feet shorter than Essex. Her beam width was about twenty-five feet, and Fletcher guessed she drew eight or nine feet of water unladen. Atop the house, forward of the smokestack, was a white-trimmed wheelhouse with large glass windows and armor of wrought-iron plate that dropped down over the glass. Her huge side-paddle housings were so far astern that she looked as if, with good head of steam, she could lift her bow up out of the water and howl at the moon.”
     “A forty-foot tall black bullet-riddled smokestack thrust high into the air above her house. The stack was secured by five forestays running to bulwarks and eight backstays made fast aft, and still looked like it was about to fall over. Partly obscured behind the stack stood a twenty-foot high ironbound wooden A-frame on which balanced the steam engine’s eighteen-foot walking beam, an open frame of wrought iron shaped like a squat diamond that reminded Fletcher of a gallows.”

What ever happened to the San Pablo? Here’s a link to the site that tells of her fate.
Fate of the San Pablo

James Lande

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