Novels About China: Guest Post at Historical Tapestry

From Marg at Historical Tapestry: “Today, I am thrilled to introduce James Lande from Old China Books to give us a fantastically comprehensive list of suggested reading about China!” Historical Tapestry invited James to guest post with a discussion of historical novels set in China, in response to his comment on Mary Tod’s blog A Writer of History that he finds historical fiction about China to be indifferently represented in forums devoted to the historical genre. His post briefly introduces thirty-two novels, and lists many more titles, that include modern novels about China from both Chinese and Western perspectives, old Chinese novels in translation, and novels of the Chinese-American experience.

See Reading Chinese historical fiction at Historical Tapestry. The original post is Historical Fiction Abut China.

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  1. Tom Carter says:

    Great list! And very flattered to see myself quoted in the review for Lloyd Lofthouse’s “Concubine Saga.”

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