Coming Attractions – Future Posts in the Writer’s Corner

Here is a list of articles planned for the coming months, all related in one way or another to the narrative of Yankee Mandarin, and intended to call your attention to a variety of interesting topics that appear in the novel. For a while we will deal less with arcana like Eight-legged Essays and lighten up with matter having more popular appeal.  

  • The Women of Yankee Mandarin – the Decorous and the Disaffected
  • River Steamers and River Pilots – the Daring and the Drunken
  • Bouillonne, Passementerie, and Point de Genes Lace – Period Costume of 1860
  • Blancmange and Bass’s Pale Ale – Period Cuisine of 1860
  • Manilamen and Mandarins – Filipinos in 1860s China
  • Guns that Won the East – Napoleon, Whitworth and Armstrong
  • Yuck-yucks in Yankee Mandarin – Humor in Historicals
  • Fractured Faces – What Fletcher Thorson Wood Had in Common with Sir Richard     Francis Burton and Phineas Gage
  • Walls Within Walls – Across Steppes, Around Cities, and Inside Minds
  • The Burning of the Summer Palace – Anger Still Smolders
  • The Nanking City Wall – Timeworn Remnant of the Recent Past
  • A Junk Among Merchantmen – the Shanghai Custom House
  • And So We Beat On – Cadence, Meter, and Rhythm in Prose
  • Deft Assimilation of Fact in Historical Fiction
  • China Clippers – San Francisco to Shanghai in 30 Days       
  • China’s First “Foreign Office” – the Tsung-li Yamen of 1861
  • “Oppose the Ch’ing, Restore the Ming” – Secret Societies in 19th Century China
  • The Lower Reaches – Where the Yangtze Meets the Ocean
     (and more after that!)
    James Lande
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