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Front_cover_2nd_Edition_225x332Yang Shen, Book I, 2nd Edition
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The extraordinary romance of an American clipper ship officer – inspired by true events.

In a China torn apart by rebellion and war, a lone American adventurer – Fletcher Thorson Wood – becomes mired in a maelstrom of battle and intrigue, and swept into a tempest of love and betrayal…

Yang Shen tells of the encounter, sometimes the clash, of Americans and Chinese, evoking times long past and recalling  long-silent voices of people in America, China, England, and the Philippines who lived through cataclysmic times and whose anguished cries echo still.

                                                                   Writer’s Corner
This blogspace is set aside for author James Lande as a personal journal of subjects pertaining to his novels, historical writing, Chinese history, ongoing discussions with other lights of the blogosphere, and anything else of interest.

James has another blog where reports are posted for the survey of central California intertidal ecology he conducted during the Spring of 2014. The primary objective was to record detail of  environmental conditions and catalogue invertebrate species and marine plants at selected survey sites. All are invited to review the results.

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