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This blog has been undergoing a makeover as we become more knowledgeable about the blogosphere. It started as a place to comment on the formatting Yang Shen eBooks when the eBooks were first offered – the YS eBook has a great many images and quite a number of Chinese characters (hence, the “Yangshen_eBook_Blog” in this blog’s URL).
Then we read some advice in an email from Laura Pepper Wu at 30 Day Books about how best to make use of blogging to increase awareness of our books, so we first went to Gravatar and created two entities, one for old China Books, and another for James Lande. These allow us to post on other blogs with the identity most appropriate.
Now we are developing a list of blog sites of especial interest where we can visit regularly to make interesting contributions (sites about Chinese history, historical fiction, and such). And author James Lande now has his own Writer’s Corner in this blog for discussion of topics pertaining to his novels and other subjects. 
As the volume of our correspondence in the blogosphere grows, we anticipate that many more readers will become aware of the titles offered by Old China Books. This may be the approach needed to meet the challenge to independent publishers of getting exposure for their books. No small amount of time will be required to post quality comment and create interesting articles (much as journaling used to take time away from writing in earlier years), but promotion seems to be the unavoidable consequence of publishing.

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