Discontinuing Facebook ad campaigns

What does Old China Books have in common with General Motors? (No, we drive an old Dodge pickup.) Good guess – we are giving up on Facebook advertising.

While not exorbitantly expensive (10 cents a click?), Facebooks ads have been completely ineffective for our titles. Over the past few months millions of people have seen the ads, hundreds have clicked on them, and still no sales.

We just completed a campaign targeting the Philippines again and over two weeks 221 folks clicked ads that sent them to the Quezon City website Flipreads carrying a Yang Shen eBook for 156 Php (Philippine pesos) and…nada, nothing, zero sales. (Why the PI, you ask? Yang Shen has many rowdy Filipino characters from the 19th century that should appeal to Filipinos today.) We have also learned that although Facebook reports 221 clicks for this campaign, only 80 readers landed at the target page for Yang Shen, so we wonder now about the accuracy, or veracity, of Facebook ad statistics.

While the signup process at many sites can be daunting, we have  to suspect from Yang Shen’s performance elsewhere, that it is the book itself that simply hasn’t a very wide appeal. (Duh?)

So, those of you that have your very own copy, print or digital, may be pleased to know you belong to an extraordinarily exclusive group of readers. And that you all are most welcome, too.

James Lande

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