Novel Yankee Mandarin now available

The novel Yankee Mandarin is now available at Amazon as a Kindle eBook.

Yankee Mandarin tells the tale of Fletcher Thorson Wood, a 19th century American soldier-of-fortune who returns to China in the midst of the bloodiest civil war in human history. Into the midst of China’s maelstrom, Fletcher leads a ragtag army in defense of empire, takes up the imperial cause against “Christian” rebels, trains and fights beside “Manilamen” and native Chinese troops, and builds the most powerful Army in China. As a reward for his achievements, grateful Chinese appoint Fletcher a mandarin of high rank, a general, and even honor him with a temple near Shanghai.

Yankee Mandarin is about the encounter, sometimes the clash, of Americans
and Chinese. More than a historical adventure, Yankee Mandarin recreates
times long past, places long lost in China, and long-silent voices of people in
America, China, England and the Philippines who lived through cataclysmic
events that echo still.

Praise for Yankee Mandarin –

“Historically convincing, and very, very lively!” Pamela K. Crossley, author of
The Orphan Warriors.

“A fascinating, eminently readable and vivid evocation of the time, place and
personalities of a truly remarkable moment in modern Chinese history.”
Richard J. Smith, author of Mercenaries and Mandarins

About the author –

James Lande was born in Los Angeles in 1945 and grew up in Southern California. He served four years in the U. S. Army, graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Chinese Language and Literature, and lived in China (Taiwan) for three years. James was seasoned by a variety of jobs (ambulance attendant, marine biology technician, hospital orderly, taxicab driver, policeman, swimming pool manager, ESL teacher, bartender, Chinese driving instructor, casualty insurance investigator…) before settling into a 30-year career as a commercial applications software developer and project manager. Over the years, James has attempted several novels – Yankee Mandarin is his first novel to reach publication.

Yankee Mandarin is offered in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and may be
borrowed for free by Amazon Prime members.

The Yankee Mandarin website is at

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3 Responses to Novel Yankee Mandarin now available

  1. jdgarner says:

    I got this book about two weeks ago and I’m past the middle of it. Good book. I’m going to write a review and post it on WordPress, Library Thing, etc. when I get done. I like to read about maritime skirmishes, but really what I enjoy is learning about China and what was happening on that side of China during the mid 19th century. I should have guessed the French and English were right in the middle, elbowing each other and trying to get their hand in the cookie jar. You could have made several books out of this, but I’m not criticizing. I’m glad you didn’t. Thanks.

  2. Helen Freeman says:

    Yes, very informative. How do I get Book 2 of Yankee Mandarin?

    • James Lande says:

      Hello Helen,
      Hope you enjoyed Yankee Mandarin – have you finished the novel, and are you scribbling furiously on your review? You’ll be the first!

      Book II originally could be expected toward the end of 2013, but has been delayed by some personal setbacks, as well as putting in much of my own time on promotion. Book III (the final tome) is scheduled for the end of 2015.

      I’d be very interested to hear from you about the things you liked best about YM (and the less than best, too), and which characters and incidents remain in your mind.

      Best regards,
      James Lande

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