Yankee Mandarin: Experimenting with eBook formatting

Yankee Mandarin is a publisher’s experiment in repackaging our title Yang Shen for what we are told is a different audience – readers who buy eBooks and make them bestsellers on Amazon. This edition of the novel has been reduced to bare essentials, removing all the paraphernalia having to do with the print edition, all the Chinese language, and the appendices, to make a slim edition with a new title that can be more quickly evaluated by a potential reader on the basis of cover, blurb, and the first 300 words. Otherwise, Yankee Mandarin tells the same exciting tale as Yang Shen.

These changes came about as the result of a lengthy discussion of eBook formatting
that took place at http://booknotselling.blogspot.com where several contributors
suggested changes that might appeal more to the targeted audience. The full
discussion is at http://booknotselling.blogspot.com/2012/05/yang-shen-god-from-west-book-i-landfall.html?showComment=1337720075076#c5897640793221156203 and
the format of the earlier eBook of Yang Shen, Book I, can be compared with the
experimental format of Yankee Mandarin in the Yang Shen Look Inside feature at

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