Yang Shen, Book I, available now in print and eBook formats

Yang Shen, an exciting adventure set in old China, is now available in a print edition at Amazon (and Amazon UK) and Barnes & Noble. eBook formats offered are Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (Barnes and Noble), ePub, MOBI, PRC and LIT at Omnlit www.omnilit.com, and in ePub format at Flipreads www.flipreads.com (Philippines).

Continuing in the tradition of Shōgun and Taipan, James Lande is writing a blockbuster novel about the adventure of a 19th Century American soldier-of-fortune who returns to China to topple the Manchu dynasty and make himself a prince, even emperor, in China. 

Based closely on primary and secondary source material from both the Chinese and Western records, Yang Shen draws on the work of hundreds of scholars of late imperial China whose insights inspired much of the story’s abundant detail (exposing its historical sources to as wide a readership as possible to bestir new awareness and interest in their publication and continued availability).  Yang Shen resurrects a skeleton of facts about China in the 19th century, diligently unearthed and painstakingly reassembled by accomplished historians and biographers, and fills them out with the flesh, blood, thought and emotion of fictional speculation, to reanimate those old bones, however briefly, with the artifice of the storyteller.

“An extraordinary combination of West and East, Yang Shen is written in English with Chinese interspersed throughout to present meaning, emotion, and sensibility that has unique expression in Chinese, but for which there is no direct equivalent. Native Chinese idiom appears when distinctly different from American, and when names of people and places can be identified with less ambiguity. The written characters have a visual
impact even for those who do not read Chinese.”

 If you liked Shōgun, you may also like Yang Shen.

The Yang Shen website is at www.yang-shen.info.

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